5th - 13th November 2023

Uncovering the Heart of Jerusalem and Walking the Jesus Trail in Galilee


Join us for two unique experiences of Israel – the first will be five days of immersion as we walk in and around the Old City of Jerusalem and into new Jerusalem; we will gain a deeper understanding of God’s heart for this wonderful city. The second will be two days walking part of the Jesus Trail up in Galilee. We will follow Yeshuas' footsteps from Nazareth across to Capernaum.


We will be based in Jerusalem at the Salesian Monastery, a peaceful and serene retreat close to the Old City. This will provide us with the perfect base to explore the city and deepen our understanding of its rich history and spiritual significance.

Our time in Jerusalem will cover Abraham and the beginnings of the Jewish people, the 1st and 2nd temple periods, Jesus' crucifixion, the days preceding and after, and modern-day Jerusalem. On some evenings, we will have time together for you to ask questions and prepare you for the next day.

Saalesian Monastry

What's involved?

The tour provides breakfast and accommodation in twin rooms. You are responsible for paying for your lunch and dinner**. This allows you to eat as much or as little as you would like at the restaurant or cafe of your choice.

Much walking is involved, so you will need to be physically fit. However, for those who are able, the rewards are immeasurable. You will come away from this experience with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Jerusalem, its spirituality, and its historical place. So, join us on this unforgettable journey and uncover the heart of Jerusalem for yourself.

** Allow approximately $20 per meal for meals you have to pay for.

Train Transfer from Ben Gurion to Jerusalem runs hourly, takes 26min, and costs approximately 18 Shekels.

Transfer from Tiberias to Ben Gurion Airport: Two minibuses will run Monday.

Oasis Guest House 2
Oasis Guest House Balcony

On Friday afternoon, we will drive to the Oasis, a French hostel in Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee. We will share a Shabbat meal. Saturday and Sunday, we will walk a section of the Jesus trail. This will give us a unique opportunity to experience the landscape and culture of the region where Jesus lived and traveled. As we walk through the rolling hills and beautiful landscapes, we will gain a deeper appreciation for the teachings and miracles of Jesus and their role in shaping the world as we know it today.

Jesus Trail


Walking the Jesus Trail is not only a physically exhilarating experience but also a profoundly spiritual one.

We will visit some of the most significant sites in the life of Jesus, including Capernaum, Tabgha, and the Sea of Galilee. As we walk in the footsteps of Jesus, we will better understand the significance of these places and their role in shaping His ministry. The second section of the trail has us walking down Mount Arbel. Please note that the way down includes coming down some small ladders.



  • Israel Uncovered teaching and walking tour is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Jerusalem’s history, culture, spirituality, and the hills and valleys that Jesus would have walked.
  • We hope you will join us on this unforgettable journey and experience the majesty of the Holy Land for yourself.
  • There is much material to cover, so we will run four weekly fifty-minute Zoom teaching sessions before you come to prepare you.


If you’re aged 18 to 65 and have good walking and hiking legs, don’t miss out on the opportunity to join our Israel Uncovered tour. We recommend booking early to ensure your place on this unforgettable journey, as space is limited to only 16 people.


For any further inquiries, email Jeremy Smith at: jeremys@ebenezer.org.il