Our Work

After prayer, our main role is to help as many Jewish people as possible to immigrate to Israel or ‘make Aliyah’ as it is known in Hebrew.


We also provide humanitarian aid where needed, and finance and practical help in the Aliyah process. In Israel we provide help to those Olim who may encounter difficulties settling in The Land.

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In the nations where there are Jewish communities, we make contact and explain about the opportunity to make Aliyah, providing humanitarian aid, medicine and assistance as needed.

We do this by building teams of local workers, setting up offices in the nations, giving support and practical assistance where needed, financial help to people preparing documents and attending consular appointments

“We’re seeing the fulfillment of biblical prophecy!”

We also provide transport to airports for those that need it.

An important part of the work is prayer cover for the many aspects of the ministry and especially where specific problems arise. Often we link up with the Jewish Agency, an Israeli body set up to promote Aliyah, and help them in our common goal of encouraging immigration to Israel.

In each country where Ebenezer Operation Exodus is represented, not only do we reach out to local Jewish communities but we teach Christian churches the responsibility we have to provide love and practical assistance to Jewish people.

We are reminded of Isaiah’s exhortation: “Comfort, O comfort My people,” says your God. Speak kindly to Jerusalem…” (chapter 40).

Helping Holocaust Survivors

Many of the Jewish communities in Europe and the former Soviet Union have been impacted by the Holocaust and some of their older inhabitants live with extremely painful memories of losing parents and siblings when the Nazis overran their country. Sometimes these memories are too painful for people to speak of and we just have to put a comforting arm around their shoulders, bring some much needed food, clothing or medicine and gently speak of the possibility of going to Israel. This is made easier if there are relatives who wish to go too, but if Holocaust survivors are on their own a great deal of comfort and love has to be shown to encourage them to make such a momentous change in their lives.

Once in Israel…

We continue to provide support where needed. We opened our Jerusalem office in 2006 for just such a purpose. Making Aliyah is a time of major transition in people’s lives and to have an office manned by friendly, knowledgeable and multilingual staff makes all the difference when Olim run into teething problems finding accommodation and jobs and have other issues in a new country where they don’t know the system. Where required, we can also provide help in the form of food parcels, school equipment and shoes for children as well as finance for initial payments of utility bills.

Haifa House

In 2019 we opened a house in Haifa as a stepping stone for newly arrived Olim with particularly difficult problems, such as those with acute or long-term illness, mobility issues, plus older people, including Holocaust survivors, without relatives or friends in Israel.

Do you feel called to help us in this work?

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