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The ministry of Ebenezer Operation Exodus was birthed in prayer and the leadership consider that prayer must be the foundation of all its activities.

‘On your walls O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen; all day and all night they will never keep silent. You who remind the Lord, take no rest for yourselves; and give Him no rest until He establishes and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.’

Isaiah 62:6-7

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Aliyah is God’s initiative.

He is the one who is bringing the Jewish people back to their Land. The Lord’s call to us is to stand in the gap in prayer between the situation in which the Jewish people find themselves all over the world and their dream of being in The Land God promised them. Time and again we have seen situations change and problems solved, as prayer partners have petitioned heaven for answers.

Many different stages are involved and we are called to cover each one in prayer, opening up the way home for His Jewish people (Isaiah 62:10). In these rapidly changing times, our worldwide network of prayer partners prays for Jewish people in areas of danger or unrest and those facing hardship and extreme poverty. We also need to pray for transport and travel to Israel including urgent travel disruptions, and much, much more!

Aliyah is active, exciting and miraculous, and praying for Aliyah is the same!

Prayer Partners

Some prayer partners meet regularly in groups to pray through the prayer materials, others pray alone at home. Each and every prayer plays a key part in the ongoing return of the Jewish people to Israel.

As well as praying specifically for those making Aliyah, the Lord directs us to focus on matters such as anti-Semitism, the country of Israel, and current and past events affecting Aliyah today. International groups have gathered all over the globe to pray, including at sites of atrocities such as Auschwitz, where some of the worst atrocities ever recorded were carried out against the Jewish people. Prayer of this kind is regularly undertaken in strategic locations, as and when the Lord leads.

To be most effective, we structure the prayer ministry by means of regional prayer leaders, prayer groups and a bi-monthly ‘Prayer Update’, which is a letter that brings attention to the most important issues. In addition, where urgent situations arise, we send out prayer needs by email. Time and time again we have seen doors unlock and problems solved as our prayer partners have brought these issues to the Lord.

A typical situation that needed prayer:

Aida was raised by her mother and had no idea of her Jewish origins. It wasn’t until she was 35 that she learnt about her Jewish birth father and discovered she had Israeli brother and sisters. When their father passed away, Aida’s siblings invited her to Israel and they gave her such a warm welcome! A few years later, Aida found herself raising her three children alone and living in incredibly hard circumstances. She knew about the opportunity to make Aliyah, but a DNA test to prove her ties with her Israeli family was very expensive, not to mention the other costs and practicalities of moving to another country. The whole process seemed impossible! Ebenezer Operation Exodus prayer partners worldwide brought this family before God in prayer — and soon the necessary DNA tests were arranged, funds were provided.

Aida and her children received their visas and are now happily in Israel! 

Our Prayer Network

To find out more and to become part of this worldwide prayer network that is active in over 55 nations, we invite you to get in touch by clicking the button below.